Family Life: Audio Engineering Society

And he's off. Father is the Chairman of the Sacramento chapter of the Audio Engineering Society and today he and the Vice Chairman are off to the nerd fest in San Francisco. He's looking forward to touring Dolby Labs, ILM and attending various technical seminars.

Before they left, Father introduced W to the beasts - the 800 watt monoblock amplifiers he designed and built himself - with a little help from friends.

This was the first time the beasts have been on since the kittens were born and it was interesting to see their reactions. The music came on and in unison, their tails fluffed out, their ears went twitching back and forth and all eyes were on the speakers. Melvin dove into my lap and Gracie ran out of the room to hide under the desk in the kitchen. Herbie casually walked up to sniff one of the speakers, before climbing onto the couch to listen. Momma Luna disappeared into James bedroom.

Herbie Listening intently

Melvin joined Gracie under desk

Peace has been restored and ruffled feathers soothed. Quiet reigns once again. We'll see if I get any sleep tonight. For some reason I have a hard time sleeping when Father isn't around. At least I have a lot of good books on the nightstand to read.

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