Friday Finds: Book discoveries

What great books did you come across this week? What did you add to your TBR lists, or your own shelves? SHARE WITH US YOUR ‘FRIDAY FINDS’! :D

I found several great books this week that I added on my amazon wishlist. Since I am going to attempt to write a mystery for NaNoWriMo I started looking for writing books by mystery authors. I found

Writing Mysteries edited by Sue Grafton A handbook by the mystery writers of America

The book's contributors include: Faye and Jonathan Kellerman on conducting accurate research; Michael Connelly on mastering characterization; Tony Hillerman on writing without an outline; Lawrence Block on overcoming writer's block; Sara Paretsky on creating successful series characters; Tess Gerritson on writing the medical thriller; Ann Rule on the art of writing true crime. Plus many more

Fossil Hunter by John Olson

Amazon Description: Fossil Hunter is an Indiana Jones-style thriller that explores the Intelligent Design controversy from the points of view of two field scientists working in the strife-torn countries of Iran and Pakistan. When paleontologist Dr. Katie James leads an expedition to search for an ancient whale fossil rumored to be in the Iraqi desert, she has no idea her archrival, Nick Murad, will be searching for the same fossil. But then Katie makes a ground-breaking discovery and is forced to collaborate with Nick to analyze the find before it's destroyed by a fundamentalist government faction. Nick and Katie's initial results fly in the face of current scientific theory, and it seems the whole world turns against them, including those they thought they could trust. Then the fossil disappears, sending Nick and Katie on a chase that could cost them their reputations, their careers--even their lives."

Found out about John Olson through author Brandilyn Collins blog

The Wild Sight: A Irish Tale of Deadly Deeds and Forbidden Love by Loucinda McGary

Loucinda McGary is a brand new author and this is her first published story. She also happens to live in my hometown too! Multi Author blog Riding with the top down gives her a wonderful introduction. Wild Sight is a "Sensual romantic suspense set in Ireland featuring a hero with psychic powers." (amazon)

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  1. Fossil Hunter sounds like something I would be really interested in reading.

  2. Thanx for the shout out!

    Nice to hear from another local author and good luck with NaNoWriMo.


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