Book Review - Beverly Hills Dead

Beverly Hills Dead


Stuart Woods

I really liked Stuart Wood's Stone Barrington novels, Holly Barker novels and other legal thrillers featuring Will Lee. However, Beverly Hill Dead was a disappointment. The story was mostly fast paced dialogue with a few short, quick action scenes and the characters were two dimensional. You really did not get to know the people in the story. There are some stories that engage the reader completely and you hate it when the story ends. You are left with a feeling of wanting more. Unfortunately this one didn't for me.

The front flap:

" Rick Barron, a former Beverly Hills copy, has risen to the head of production of Centurion Studios, and he's at the top of his game. But tensions are high in Hollywood, and when Rick's friend Sidney Brooks, a successful screenwriter, receives a subpoena from the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, Rick isn't surprised. The witch hunt is spreading and those under investigation are Rick's closest friends -- even his wife, the glamourous starlet Glenna Gleason."

Does this turn me off Stuart Woods. Not by any means - I'm looking forward to reading his next Stone Barrington novel "Hot Mahagony".

Happy reading!

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