Weekly Report #4

Weekly Wrap up

Monday was the Autumn equinox so we started off lessons by reading about Hemispheres and Seasons. I'm trying to work a bit more geography into lessons this year. Generally we just map out the location of books we read. Last year I purchased the "Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide by Hogan and Wiggers and it is chock full of activities for grades K - 12. It's time to start utilizing it a bit more.

Faith and Devotions: I decided to go with Real Life Devotions with God. Starting with the Sept 22nd entry - it was all about forgiveness and being honest. We also started watching a couple Bibleman dvds. A couple weeks ago I went to Berean's and picked up Veggie Tales "Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue." The veggie tales are timeless and I just love them. On a whim, I picked up Lambasting the Legions of Laziness. I had never seen Bibleman and thought we would give it a try.

James loves it and forgive me please, but I really really really don't. My first impression was that it was very hokey and simplistic and reminded me of a church play. Give me the Veggie Tales any day. James broke me down and off we went to Berean's Wednesday and he picked out Bibleman's "Tuning out the Unholy Hero." It was a little better than the first one. But still...............

We are also going to start doing memorizing some bible verses probably starting with Proverbs.

English: Started doubling up on the VIE lessons and we completed the rest of Section one about Sentences including predicates, combining subjects and predicates and combining sentences.

Spelling: SWO - We completed Lesson 4 and 5. James volunteered to do an extra lesson so we did. Would someone please tell me when sometimes W became a vowel? The way I learned was the vowel are a,e,i,o,u and sometimes Y. Suddenly SWO is saying "and sometimes w". Where did that come from? At this point, I'm telling James I don't agree with it and will have to look into it. That for now, sometimes w is not a vowel.

Writing: Did review and mastery of previous letters learned and James can now write all our names and the cats names in cursive, plus learned the letters x and z.

Math: He is cruising along and completed lessons 28 through 31 which is adding 8's and 9's.

History: Continued reading TCOO and the fictional story of Diego Columbus

Science: James and father read about Chemistry in the ancient worlds and are still reading the "Mystery of the Periodic table." I'm going to have to read the book soon in order to keep up. Father is impressed with the story and it is generating much conversation.

I think that's it. This week went pretty well despite the fact we had to take Luna back to the vet because her incision split and got infected. The vet cleaned her up, put in a couple of stitches and gave us some antibiotics to give to Luna. She has to stay inside for a week which will difficult because she gets quite loud and whiny when she doesn't get her way.

We also took the 3 stooges to get their first check up and vaccinations. We are trying out a new vet for the kitties and I was impressed with the place. They are only 5 minutes away and very clean and modern and everyone is very nice. However, it seems a new law has passed and kitties in California can't have their rabies shots until 16 weeks old. I was a week early. We have to go back in 4 weeks anyway for the 2nd feline leukemia shot anyway, so they will get the rabies then. You know, I thought one cat was expensive. Multiply that by 4 and I've got sticker shock. Oh well, it was my choice so just have to live with it.

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  1. Looks like a good week. I like VeggieTales myself-some things you never outgrow. I have not seen Bibleman and now will avoid it,lol. :)
    ~I hope you have a great week-end.


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