Presidential Debate

1st Presidential Debate

Father and I watched the debate last night between McCain and Obama. Jim Lehrer did a good job of trying to keep them on track and pushing them to answer the questions rather than give talking points. At times it seemed they were arguing semantics.

In my opinion McCain won hands down. He was confident and quite knowledgeable. Much of his wisdom came from his age and experience. Obama revealed himself to be ignorant when it comes to foreign policy and seemed bent on repeating certain talking points. You could tell when he got flustered or didn't like what McCain was saying because he would interrupt or start stammering. If you watched the debate, you will remember McCain didn't ever interrupt Obama, but gave him the respect of waiting until he was finished speaking. Obama felt the need to defend himself numerous times.

I was flabbergasted at his take regarding Iran. One, his ignorance in dealing with the leader of Iran. "Maybe he's the wrong person to talk to" or something like that and his refusal to understand the word preconditions.

McCain did the best he could to downplay Obama's statement in regard to invading Afghanistan. It occurred to me and toMcCain as well, judging from his reaction, Obama's bald statements could very well cause issues with the region. McCain did the best he could to educate not only Obama, but the viewers what is happening with the region. Again Obama revealed his ignorance or naivety in regard to foreign policy.

While McCain knew hard facts, Obama seemed to make things up on the fly, changing his wording when challenged. In the scheme of things, I would rather have McCain as the President rather than Obama.

It was interesting to watch the new and the political pundits after the debate. Our local new media plus Nightline totally edited the debate and shaped it to look like Obama won. It was amazing to see how great they made Obama look and sound versus McCain who they made to look like a duffus trying to defend himself.

If you watched the debate, McCain obviously won. If you watched the news, Obama was the winner. Does the media think the people of this country are so stupid that they make their political decision based on what they say? Obviously.

Head on over to The Anchoress who wraps it up very nicely and has numerous links to reaction to the debate including a statement by Henry Kissinger whom Obama kept implying didn't agree with McCain in regard to Iran.

I can't wait the see the debate between Palin and Biden. It should prove to be very interesting.


  1. Hello Folks. In my 77 years I have never been asked my opinion by anyone taking a poll. Guess I'm just lucky. Shiela happened to notice that Mr. Obama was suggesting that if you were going to watch the debate to watch it on CNN. My guess is that he has more friends there than at FOX.

    Shiela and I watched the debate from beginning to end and had pop corn and a cup cake and some drinks. Our evaluation was that the first part was dull and the second part more lively. We scored financial as even event and world events as a McCain win. We also noticed that McCain did not interrupt Obama but that Mr. Obama did what most democrats do when having a discussion with others. Interrupt when ever he didn't like what he was hearing or raise his finger so the camera would shift to him.

    Naturally after the event both sides declared victory. CNN called 524 folks and declared Obama the clear winner over Mr. McCain. This is reported on Yahoo. On the other hand the Drudge Report asked the question "who won?" to the folks who read the Drudge Report. As of 15 minutes ago almost 400,000 folks had replied. 68% or 267,283 voted for McCain, 30% or 118,304 voted for Obama, and 10,000 folks called it even. So now I will be a talking head and opine!

    1. CNN polls Oprah Winfrey fans.

    2. The Drudge Report has Rush Limbaugh fans.

    3. Anyone that accepts polls as the "truth" should go on Dr. Phil.

    4. 400,000 is a bigger number than 524.

    5. Don't hold up you finger during a debate unless you have to go potty.

    Next week we have Sarah and the Dragon. Get ready for the pre-game show.


  2. I agree with you. McCain showed he was much more knowledgeable than Obama and I thought a few of Obama's statements were a bit scary. Obama also made statements that I know to be lies. Just when did he do all this stuff he talks about? He has only been in the Senate for a short time and sometimes his time line is off. I didn't watch the news medias thoughts on the debate as they usually try to convince us that things were different than they really were. I still maintain that the biggest problem we have in the USA in the media.


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