Friday Finds: Book finds

What great books did you hear about / find this week? SHARE WITH US YOUR FRIDAY FINDS!

In my meanderings around blog world this week, thanks to the Fall Into Reading Challenge, I have discovered several books that really caught my fancy and have gone onto my wishlist. My TBR piles is so huge right now it is about to topple over, so I can't buy any more books for a while. Of course, it depends on what your definition of a "while" is. :)

Gregory Maquire - author of "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" which is a retelling of Cinderalla


Wicked, the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

A young adult fantasy novel, Magyk in which the seventh son of a seventh son that must battle the forces of dark magyk.

A legal thriller by Don Brown: Treason. Excerpt from back cover: " The Navy has uncovered a group of radical Islamic clerics who have infiltrated the Navy Chaplain Corps, inciting sailors and marines to acts of terrorism. And Lieutenant Zack Brewer has been chosen to prosecute them for treason and murder."

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  1. Anyone who has stopped by my blog in the last month or so will know my book obsession lately is Twillight. It's a 4-series set, written by Stephenie Meyer, The characters are sooo addictive!


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