Soap Box Moment: Lack of professionalism

Soap Box Moment: Lack of professionalism

The shopping center where our business is located is in the process of being sold. We received legal documents from our landlord to sign. The document contained some erroneous information, plus a few misspellings. Such as lased for leased and ay for any. Being the perfectionist that I am (which comes from working as a secretary for 20 years and experience as a paralegal) I circled the items to be corrected and advised Father to fax it back to the landlord to be corrected. In all my years working in the corporate world, it was considered an embarrassment if any document contained any type of misspelling. Also in the legal world, lawyers demanded and required that every document be perfect.

I have held to that standard all my life and expect no less from any business we are involved with. We once received an interesting email from a salesperson wanting our business. The email contained numerous misspellings and grammar errors. Did we want someone who couldn't be bothered to present himself in a professional fashion representing us. NO! He lost our business and the opportunity due to his lack of professionalism.

I can't tell you how many books I have read or professional websites I have visited that contain misspellings. What has happened to the proofreaders and editors of the publishing business. Has the standard been dropped so low that no one cares anymore. What has happened to professionalism?

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