The Kittens are Here!

They are here!

Monday night about 10:00 we were watching TV while Luna lounged on the chair beside us. Suddenly she tensed and gave me a wild eyed look. I knew immediately that she was going into labor and whisked her off to her nest in our bedroom closet. James was still awake so called him into the bedroom and we all watched as she had her babies. The first one was the most difficult, so we quietly calmed and soothed her through it. I double anyone wants to see pictures of a cat actually giving birth, so I won't blog them. Father and James both have weak stomachs but were able to handle watching the whole process from birth to clean up to Luna cutting off the umbilical cord and dealing with the placenta.

James went off to bed after the 4th baby was born at 11:58. Baby #5 arrived at 12:45 and we all hoped that was the last one (which is was) because we were all exhausted. Luna fell asleep while the babies nursed and we climbed into bed to sleep around 1:30.

Luna woke us up around 5:00 basically just wanting loves and trying to snuggle up with me, while the babies slept. Since she had the kittens on Monday, she has had a personality change. Generally she won't lay in our laps and will only accept be cuddled a few minutes before wanting to get down. When she isn't with the kittens, she now wants to be snuggled and held. Father said she slept in his lap for a while and even crawled into James lap to be cuddled. We are making sure she is getting as much attention as the kittens, plus making sure the kittens are getting enough mama time.

We have two orange kitties, two grayish kitties and one looks just like Luna. They are all adorable.


  1. Beautiful! Isn't nature amazing? Those kittens are so cute, I'm glad I'm far enough away not to be tempted to take one home with us.

  2. Oh how sweet! We took in a stray one time only to find out she was pregnant. Eek! I remember those days. Enjoy these tender moments!


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