Family Life: Home Improvements - New Garage Door

We finally did it!

Old garage door


New garage door!

Major Improvement!

My folks very generously gave us the money to replace the old 1970's garage door two, maybe three years ago. We were always going to get around to it. We finally did. A wonderful new garage door with an electronic garage door opener which is whisper quiet and smooth.

Now the trim needs to be fixed and painted. And don't you just know it. If the trim needs to be fixed and painted, then the whole house probably needs it. We knew this was going to happen. We knew that as soon as the door got replaced, we would want to paint the house.

Don't you just love owning a home. There is always something to improve, paint, mend or change. Should we go with the same cream with dark brown trim or go for something exotic to upset our neighbors such a mauve or khaki green?

Life is so full of choices!

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