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Mom, where is it?

Mom, where is it?

Mom is usually the one who knows where everything is, right? The conversation in our house last night as I sat in the living room reading a book.

Father bought James a remote controlled hummer for christmas and they were playing with it. It came with tractor treads and tires. They were trying to change the tires.

Father: I don't know where the tool is to change the tires.

Me: behind the boat on the bookshelf in James room.

Father: Where are the tires?

Me: on the floor in James room.

Father: I only found three.

Me: There's one on the kitchen floor next to the computer.

They putter around with the hummer for quite a while, then decide to disturb my reading time with --- the fart machine.

Father bought a fart machine for Christmas, wrapped and put it under the tree. The day before Christmas, Luna is lying under the tree. James and I are watching TV. Luna lets out a loud fart. After about the 4th time in a hour, I start to get concerned about the loud sounds coming from the cat, who seems to be laying there quite content. Father is laughing his head off. Hmmmm! I pick up the cat and hear another fart, but don't feel anything from the cat. I look at Father. Okay - where is it?

So, last night - Mom, where is the fart remote?

Gee! I have no idea!