Weekly Report

Posting our weekly report early since we are leaving for a business / pleasure trip Thursday.

Day to Day Devotions: Psalms 145:13 God keeps all promises. Reading this week about how God is a keeper of promises.

Lord Teach me to Pray: keeping a log. First we read about and discussed about worshipping god and asking for his assistance. We also started a Praise and Worship log for James in which he completed a Praise Alphabet, coming up with a praise word or something about God for every letter.

Language Arts: continuing to practice putting together and writing sentences. Spelling is learning about plurals and when to add s, es, and change y for ies for some words.

Science: He and father read all about Heat and looked up Usborne links on the internet.

History: We also looked up New York City in the encyclopedia and discussed the history of the Empire State building.

Math is a continuation of subtraction facts and flash cards for addition.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Homeschool Weekly Report! I love reading all of these and gleaning information and ideas from others.

    My Weekly Report is up:

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


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