Family Vacation: Off to New York!


We are all excited, packed and raring to go. James hardly slept a wink and vowed he would sleep on the plane. Yea, right! I am already missing Luna and we haven't even left yet. Poor kitty...we have never left her for longer than a couple hours during the day. However, neighbor will be coming in everyday and possibly bring her grandkids, so Luna will be fine. I just have to remember to tell Father to remember to remove the tonearm from the turntable. She sneaked onto the turntable when we weren't looking and disconnected the wires to the tonearm. Wrecked them as a matter of fact. So, we will just remove the sucker while we are gone.

This is where we are staying:

Notice the Empire State Building in the upper right background.

I finished everything on my to do list: hurrah!!!!! Now I just have to make sure our luggage doesn't go over the weight limit. The last time we flew I overpacked and had to pay an extra $25.00 for being 5 lbs over. I know we will be over the limit when we come back or I'll just have to buy another small suitcase to carry what we buy.

Keep us in your prayers today as we fly across the united states from the west coast to the east coast that we get there safely, in one piece and with all our luggage.

Ta Ta for Now!


  1. Have a grand time! How fun!


  2. Have a wonderful time!


    Thanks for stopping by my site. I would love to get some more info. from you when you get back, we are planning to move to Redding, CA.

    I'm going to link you on my blogroll, hope that's okay.

    Have a great trip. New York is beautiful.


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