Writing Challenge: NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Challenge

Well, I have come up with a story that want to write about, so am working on figuring out the characters. Currently working on an outline of the story over the next few days, so when November 1st hits, will be ready to start writing. The title and the synopsis of the story are:

Seasonings of the Soul

Samantha is a 2nd grade school teacher who is recruited by a nun from the Catholic church to teach in a experimental school in Holly River Valley. The school is the brainchild between the Catholic church and home school parents, who are required to be involved in the school, but are not required to be catholic. It is a melting pot of religons and different family types which makes it quite interesting for the Catholic Priest and Nun who run the school. It has been two years since the school formed. Sammie has been teaching there for one year. The story will be about her interactions with the students, parents, teachers and the school staff. Also, she is a Christian who is having a faith challenge and thinks something is missing in her spiritual life, so she sets out to find it. She will explore pentecostal, episcopalian, baptist, presbyterian and catholic religions. A new teacher, Adam, comes to work at the school and he is a devout cradle to grave Catholic. He teaches her about Catholicism and and in the process they fall in love. She decides to convert to Catholic - maybe!

The book will be written from a third person viewpoint and may have it from both Samantha's view and Adam's view. I am sure this thing is going to segue all over the place since the goal is just to write, write, write without editing. I am going to go with the flow of the pen and see where it takes me.

I am not so sure about the title and came up with several. If you like one of these titles better or have a suggestion for a title, let me know.

alternative titles:

1) Capturing Sammie's Soul

2) Spirits in the Window

3) Teacher in the Body

4) Sammie's Soul

5) Holly River Valley (generic title of the town)

6) Floating on the Surface

7) Window of Samantha's Soul

Talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you think. Have to start working on my outline.


  1. I like "Spirits in the Window." I don't know why, but it seems to fit the story you're going to write. I like the plot too - I hope you will let us read it when you're done!

  2. I like a variation of your title, Seasons of the Soul... instead of Seasonings. It seems to fit.

    I'm on blogspot too. This will be great to encourage each other instead of on the slow forum!!

  3. Don't know why...but I like "Floating on the Surface."


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