Homeschool Weekly Report

We had a pretty good week. I tried to keep it light since James is just about over his cold, but still a little draggy. I'm draggy too but haven't actually came down with anything. I don't know which is worse - actually getting sick or just feeling like you are coming down with something, but don't.

Day to Day Devotions was about keep following God. Discussed and memorized Galatians 6:9 Don't get tired of doing good things.

Lord teach me to Pray was about uncovering any obstacles that may hinder communication with the Commander in Chief. I think I'm getting more out of this than James. Invested in 3 or 4 of Kay Arthur's adult 28 day studies for moi to start doing.

English and Spelling: Completed Lessons 13,14, and 15 of Unit one and practiced writing and putting more sentences together. Completed Lesson 15 in spelling learning about adding suffixes to words.

Math: Completed math worksheets for minuends 6 through 9. When doing the problems, James is counting in Spanish.

Tuesday James and Father read all about Heat Transfer in Usborne's Energy, Forces and Motion, then put the knowledge to practice. Father had James help him with soldering parts onto his microphone pre amplifier circuit board.

Thursday after completing math worksheet and writing practice sentences, they read all about how animals adapt to the Desert and Ms Frizzles Adventures in a Medieval Castle.

Non planned educational stuff: James did Lego Loco, math adventures and Typer shark on the computer. He watched Fun with Spanish dvd on TV a couple times.

He has been watching Dora and Go Diego Go DVD's and all the Spanish is rubbing off on him. We have been having mini conversations in spanish and some of my 7th grade spanish lessons are coming back to me. I asked him if he is ready for me to put Rosetta Stone back on the computer to learn more spanish: Not yet!

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  1. I started a Kay Arthur study in August and have yet to finish it. I was just thinking today that I would pick it up again. They are really great. :) Thanks for sharing about your week!

    susie in tx
    momma to four girls


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