Home school: What we are doing for 2nd Grade

2nd grade lessons begin formally as of Monday, July 2nd. I had planned on starting this week, but life intervened. I had to finish a midterm exam for oceanography, Father’s diverticulitis flared up, Luna discovered the stereo system wiring and various unknown nooks and crannies in the house, James needed an attitude adjustment, so everyone required intense supervision for a few days. We were all a little cranky!

We will be doing the basics: Grammar, Spelling, writing, and math. Plus Japanese, Catholic catechism, faith building, science, history, and whatever else happens to come up that interests James.

We will be concentrating heavily on virtues and math. Character Building for families; Day by Day Devotions – 7 minute character growing devotions for kids; Contenders for the Faith – handbook covering practical skills, spiritual life studies and service to others, plus Faith and Life catholic catechism, and reading the Book of Virtues. He will also be starting a journal and be given something to write about weekly.

For Math we are using a combination of Modern Curriculum Press, Professor B Power Mathematics Cd, and lots of enchanted learning worksheet; and reading living books such as Mathematicians are People too!, Sir Cumference series by Cindy Neuschwander.

James wants to learn Japanese so we are using Before You Know it Speakmore Cd and Ah So! Japanese for Kids workbook by Little Linguists. I purchased Japanese Step by Step for myself to learn the basics. If James seriously learns the language and wants to go further, then we will hire a Japanese tutor to teach us. We will do a one month unit study on the history of Japan as well. The goal is to go to Japan when James is eleven years old, but he has to be able to carry on a conversation in Japanese before we go.

Language Arts: we are using Rod and Staff English “Preparing to Build” and Spelling by Sound and Structure for Grammar and spelling. Since James has started writing stories, I found “How to write a story” which teaches the process of writing and enjoying stories. Rod and Staff is writing intensive so we won’t be doing separate handwriting practice. I may introduce cursive later in the year using Handwriting without Tears.

We will continue to use the Five in a Row Program and Catholic Mosaic, living history and science books, and chapter books. We will continue with James Incentive list where he has to read 50 books to earn a movie. We have shelved the Godzilla movies for now (read attitude adjustment time!) so he won’t getting anymore for while. He has wanted to get The Country Bears ever since we saw it at my parents house, so that will be the movie he earns when completes the 50 books.

History and Science: we will be doing unit studies and alternating every month. For history, we will be doing studying the Middle Ages using SOTW 2 and History Odyssey’s activity guide; California; Japan; the Presidents and the Apollo Program. We are studying japan, presidents and apollo program at James request.

For science, we will be learning about the scientific method; studying energy, forces and motion; dinosaurs; and microscopes. I found a great book:How to Think like a Scientist: Answering questions by the Scientific Method by Stephen Kramer. We will use Usborne’s Energy Forces and Motion as a spine, do some projects and experiments and read lots of living science books. James and Father will be working together using Backyard Ballistics and having fun. I am still working on the science and history schedules, but will have it all figured out soon.

And include in the mix: swimming lessons, playtime, home school group functions, and general mayhem. It all sounds like a lot, but believe it or not, the planning takes up more time than the teaching. James has a photographic memory and remembers everything he reads or sees. He has reached the age where is understanding cause and effect, starting to thinking things through, plus questioning all. I am probably forgetting something, but will discuss schedules later.

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  1. Hi Robin!

    Your second grade plans look great!

    So funny that you named your kitten Luna -- Bear in the Big Blue House is playing in the background as I type. :-) Adorable kitten, by the way!

    aka "Heather in WI" on TWTM boards


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