News of the Week: Cats and school

I am done with my English Literature Class. Finished my essay final and posted it this afternoon. Will find out my final grade in a couple weeks, plus what the professor thought of my literary analysis paper on The Giver. Thursday have to start working on my midterm essays for Oceanography. OY!

I have decided not to take more than one class at a is too difficult with everything else we have going on in this household. So oceanography ends mid August and the next class will be Educational Psychology which starts first week of September.

Still working on James lesson plans and we will be starting soon. Didn't I say that last week. Oh well, it is summer and we are all enjoying the break. He wants to learn Japanese so working on acquiring and setting up lessons for that.

We are all in love. Miss Luna is such a joy and incredibly sweet and lovable. Yesterday after dinner Father and James went outside to check out his new Garmin GPS system we bought him for Father's Day. While I was doing the dishes, Luna started crying up a storm and wandering around looking for Father and James. So, the dishes got put off a bit while we cuddled. Father told me later that when James and I disappeared into his room for bedtime stories, she did the same thing. He was cleaning up the wine glasses and he heard her crying and wanting to be held. So, he put off finishing the wine glasses for some cuddle time with her. She loves attention and most certainly will get it in the household.

Today while I was working on my final, she cuddled up on the shelf under James computer to nuzzle his feet while he played games.

Did I mention this precious little girl woke me up at 6:30 a.m. and James soon appeared at our bedside 6:45. Since neither seemed in the least bit interested in going back to sleep, my day started earlier than our normal 8:00 a.m. Well, I did get a lot done, but I want a nap!

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