Family Life: New addition - Luna

We have a new addition to our household whom we acquired yesterday.


Yes - Luna, after Luna the moon from The Bear in the Big Blue House. We were having difficulty deciding on a name because James wanted something Japanese, Father wanted Furhead and I simply couldn't decide. The previous owner said they had been calling her Luna after Luna the moon and it struck a chord with us. Father always loved Luna the Moon, so we all agreed on Luna. Of course Father says it should be "Luna moon unit furhead".

Luna is 7 weeks old and the runt of the litter. She is adorable with the most remarkable markings. She bears a striking resemblance to the pure bred bengal cat that I had wanted but was too expensive. Luna was given to us by a gal who works at the coffee shop by our business.

We decided to keep her in our bedroom until she gets adjusted. As soon as I got in bed and turned out the light, she started mewing and then suddenly there she was by my side. She had managed to climb up the bedspread. So we have a new sleeping buddy - she just isn't allowed to sleep on my pillow.


  1. Luna is really cute! and I love the name.

  2. I enjoyed your blog! I have recently started my own and I've gotten lots of inspiration for those who have "gone before!" Thanks for sharing!


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