My Education: The Giver versus the Thunderbirds

Did you hear that sigh of relief? My literary analysis paper on THE GIVER is complete and submitted. I'll post it after it's graded. All that is left for my English Literature Class is the final which will be due at the end of the week. Do you know how difficult it is to write and type a paper while an air show is taking place? Every hour during the week from Thursday through Sunday, we had planes zooming over the house. James was very amped all weekend by all the excitement. We got to see a F-22 Raptor which is absolutely amazing. The Raptor flew directly over our house and I don't have to tell you how loud that was.

A Flying wing which I digitally video taped and don't know how to add at this moment, the Thunder birds which were amazing as well and an assortment of other planes. At a certain point, we just stopped taking pictures and watched.

The rest of our week will be spent working on lesson plans, gardening and whatnot.

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