News of the day: Thunderbirds are Go!

The skies of Sacramento have been abuzz this weekend with the sound of aircraft engines racing around. The California Capital Airshow is being held this weekend at Mather Field.

My son called me at work yesterday (Daddy Day) very excited because he and Father had just been outside watching the Thunderbirds practicing in the skies over our neighborhood. Father was all excited because he also saw an f-22 airplane. They neglected to get pictures, so I will be out there this afternoon to try to catch the buggers as they fly by. Hopefully I will have some pix to post later.

We went to the airshow last year. It was fun but......they didn't anticipate how many people would show up and it was a mess getting in and out of the airfield. We won't be going this year. We will just enjoy it from afar as the planes buzz our neighborhood.

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