News of the Day: Flying Spiders ala Charlotte's Web

Have you ever seen a spider fly? It is the most amazing thing. We had read about aeronautic spiders in Charlotte’s Web and just passed off that part of the story as fiction. Well! After reading Charlotte’s Web a couple years ago, I was sitting in the kitchen gazing out at the backyard. I noticed the sun glistening off the spiders webs between the laurel bushes, when all of a sudden, spider webs were flying up into the air. Then I noticed strands going up from the top of the fence. Later that afternoon we were outside when we noticed masses of webs floating through the sky. Amazing, the story was true.

What’s odd is that when we were living in Georgia, I used to encounter spider webs all the time. They would float by or into us and we basically wouldn’t think anything of it, (except that it was yucky) just a floating piece of spider web. Now, I realize what was really happening and we had been completely blind to it.

Recently we watched the remake of Charlotte’s Web with Dakota Fanning. At the end of the movie, we watched the bonus material in which the director was talking about making the movie. The Director started explaining that a miracle occurred during filming. While they were in the middle of filming around the barn, somebody looked up and exclaimed “Oh my God, look at that.” All eyes turned toward the top of the barn, where spiders were floating away on their strands of silk. 

Even though each and every person on the crew had read the book, not one of them had believed the story true. The camera man had presence of mind to keep filming, plus the documentary camera man filming the crew. The look of amazement on the face of the director and the others was priceless. It was a good 2 or 3 minutes before he suddenly realized they should be filming this…. “Are you getting this, are you getting this?” he asks.

Isn’t it remarkable when a simple children’s book about a talking pig can open your eyes to a whole new world?

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