Sunday Salon: BBQ and reading

As we are sitting around Sunday morning making our plans for the day, the phone rings. It is Father’s good friend calling to “remind” us about the bbq they are having that afternoon to celebrate his and his two son’s birthdays. He had told Father about it a few nights back during a late night jam session at a friend studio and Father had forgotten to tell me. Whoops! I had planned on doing multiple errands all by my lonesome, then work on my literary analysis paper while James and Father watched a movie.
So, I dashed out to Target to get Tolkien’s new book “The Children of Hurrin”, which only Target had, dropped by Petsmart to get tadpole food, and got the grocery shopping done. Barnes and Noble didn’t have the book and why not? “They only stocked a few because they really hadn’t expected it to be that popular.” Amazing, a regular bookstore misjudges and Target does their homework and anticipated that a Tolkien book would probably be selling like hot cakes. Then I wrote checks for the boys instead of gifts, because I didn’t have a clue what to get and we headed over to “J’s” house.
We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening relaxing, eating, playing and talking. James feel asleep as soon as we finished reading a bedtime story. I headed off to bed shortly after that, happy, content and not at all upset about the change in plans for the day. It pays to be flexible and go with the flow.

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