Homeschool: Lions, tigers and bears.. OH MY!!!

James and I went out and bought some crickets for the the frogs, then "I" had to put them in the cricket keeper. They gave me the heebie jeebies at first, but I finally got over that itchy feeling you get when seeing a bunch of insects. You know, that skin crawling feeling like a bunch of ants are crawling all over you. (by the way, that's an experience you never want to repeat). We had a few run aways or should I say hop aways, but managed to catch them all. Now, besides the care and feeding of frogs, it also involves the care and feeding of crickets. Who, by the way, seem to like fresh carrots. The crickets hide all the time in a toilet paper roll, coming out to get water, eat, or investigate things when you pick up the cricket keeper.

Godzilla stays hidden in the little cave in planet frog, coming out long enough to gulp a cricket, then back in he goes. Herbie's back legs have popped out and she is slowly morphing. In about another week or so, we should have two little froggies hopping about. We are thinking of putting them in a small terrarium and have an opaque type of cave, so if they decide to hide in the cave all day, we can at least see the little buggers.

Oh! We are getting a kitty. A gal who works at the coffee shop next to our business offered one to Father yesterday. Of course, I said yes. Do you know how difficult it has become to get kittens. Soap Box Moment: May I say the spaying and neutering program is working a little too well. Plus, now they are trying to pass a law that if you don't get your animal spayed or neutered by the time it is 4 months old, you will be fined. Ridiculous! Anyway, we weren't really willing to pay $1000 for a pure bred or accept a several month old feral kitty. I had put the word out to all our friends several months ago, but nothing came of it. I prayed about it and left in God's hands. I have to say Thank You God! The kittens are 4 weeks old right now; we will go see them next week and pick out the one we want. She showed pictures to Father and he was smitten. Of course, James has already decided on a name: "Burlington" (after the train) which Father immediately vetoed. So, when we get back from vacation, looks like we will be taking on another "family" member. Yeah!

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