Poetry: Haiku

He is my true love
His Love Transcends Time and Space
My one and Only


Little Boy Kisses
Splurbits all over the belly
breathless laughter, and tickling


Wait! Do you hear that?
What is coming over here?
Could it be? Mothra!

I can Haiku, can you?

How to Haiku

3 non rhyming lines
1st line has 5 syllables
2nd line has 7 syllables
3rd line has 5 syllables

Go on, get silly
I dare you to imagine
Try it, try it, now!


  1. Hi, Robin! I love reading your blog -- great way to get to know you! It was neat to see a photo of James before we meet too . . . I asked my ds if he'd like to get together with the boy in the picture, and he said "Yes!" Can you go to the Modesto Conference in July with me? Jesse Wise from WTM will be there! :)

    Talk to you soon, Kathy


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