News of the Day: I have a theory and my theory is this!

"Presenter (Graham Chapman): Good Evening. I have with me tonight Anne Elk. Mrs Anne Elk.

Miss Elk: (John Cleese, as a very prim lady) Miss.

Presenter: You have a new theory about the brontosaurus.

Miss Elk: Can I just say here Chris for one moment that I have a new theory about the brontosaurus?

Presenter: Er... exactly. (he gestures but she does not say anything) What is it?

Miss Elk: Where? (looks round)

Presenter: No, no. Your new theory.

Miss Elk: Oh, what is my theory?

Presenter: Yes.

Miss Elk: Oh what is my theory that it is. Well Chris you may well ask me what is my theory.

Presenter: I am asking.

Miss Elk: Good for you. My word yes. Well Chris, what is it that it is - this theory of mine. Well, this is what it is - my theory that I have, that is to say, which is mine, is mine

Presenter: (beginning to show signs of exasperation) Yes, I know it's yours, what is it?

Miss Elk: Where? Oh, what is my theory? This is it. (clears throat at some length)
My theory that belongs to me is as follows. (clears throat at great length)
This is how it goes. The next thing I"m going to say is my theory. Ready?

Presenter: Yes!

Miss Elk: My theory by A. Elk. Brackets Miss, brackets.
This theory goes as follows and begins now. All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end. That is my theory, it is mine, and belongs to me and I own it, and what it is too.

Presenter: That's it, is it?

Miss Elk: Spot on, Chris.

Presenter: Well, er, this theory of yours appears to have hit the nail on the head.

Miss Elk: And it's mine.

Presenter: Yes, thank you very much for coming along to the studio. Thank you.

Miss Elk: My pleasure, Chris ....

Presenter: Next week Britain's newist wasp farm ...

Miss Elk: It's been a lot of fun.

Presenter: Yes, thank you very much.

Miss Elk: Saying what my theory is.

Presenter: Yes, thank you.

Miss Elk: And whose it is.

Presenter: Yes, thank you - that's all - thank you... opens next week.

Miss Elk: I have another theory.

Presenter: Yes.

Miss Elk: Called my second theory, or my theory number two.

Presenter: Thank you. Britain's newest wasp farm...

Miss Elk: This second theory which was the one that I had said...

Presenter: the phone rings; he answers)
Yes, no I'm trying...

Miss Elk:
Which I could expound without doubt. This second theory which, with the one which I just said, forms the brace of theories which I own and which belong to me, goes like this..."

Do you all remember this Monty Python skit? I remember that we went around for days saying "I have a theory and my theory is this" in a prim and proper voice.

Well I just read a book "Literary Theory" by Jonathan culler for my literature class that totally reminded me of this skit. I have to do a literary analysis of a children or young adult book using a literary theory such as Russian Formalism, Phenomenology, structuralism, deconstruction, feminist theory, psychoanalysis or queer theory. No, I am not making that last one up, there is a such a thing as queer theory. The book is clear as mud as reads pretty much like the Monty python skit above.

Father says pick a book and figure out what theory you want to use after reading it. My thinking is pick out what theory I want to use and use the book that will best support that theory. Wish me luck!

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