My Education: Life in motion!

Hey! I got a 100 on my midterm essays........ yeehaw! I am so proud of myself.
This week's chapter is on Poetry as you can probably tell by the Haiku from a couple days ago. I never really appreciated poetry. The one experience I remember with poetry was an English class in my first year of college (way back when). My professor seemed to make everything revolve around the subject of sex. We had to analysis a poem (forgot the name) about a tree being cut down in the forest and the feelings it experienced. Well, initially I wrote a juicy essay about it being symbolic of a woman's first time, blah, blah, blah... because I knew that would be right up the professors alley. However, didn't have the courage to turn it in. Wrote something mundane and got a B. He ended up making everyone read their essays out loud to the class. Oh my lucky stars, how embarrassing would that have been!!!

I have been reading up on literary theory and decided to go with a Marxist reading of "The Giver" by Lois Lowry for my English Lit project. It is an about a 11 year old boy living in a so called perfect society, controlled by the elders and there is no pain, fear, war or hatred. Everyone is given a job at the age of 12 based on his or her interests. Every family has one boy and one girl. New born babies who are weak or handicapped, anyone who refuses the follow the rules and the old folk are "released" (euthanized) from the community. It is a scary, interesting book and written for ages 12 - 14. It has been banned in some schools and embraced in others as mandatory reading.

I just registered for another class "Introduction to Oceanography". I have 6 units to finish for undergraduate math and science classes, so this fulfills half of that. I chose to go with the cdrom self study version this time. I can work at my own pace and keep up with finishing my literature class. There is a 4 week overlap with classes, so trying to pace myself. I really wanted to take "Educational Psychology" but couldn't see handling that right now with my Literature class. So, that will be the next one which is available in September.

And you know what... I am enjoying every minute.

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