My Education: Midterms and Homeschool

I am finished with my midterm and it has been submitted!

My two guys were very good about keeping themselves occupied this weekend while I was busy thinking and writing. Father recorded some old 1950’s movie “The Killer Shrews” and they watched that on Sunday. We previewed it Saturday night and it was so silly with dogs made up to look like huge rats, knew James would be okay with it.

Father came in very handy, proofreading my paper, except the first draft gave him a big headache for some reason. Hmmm… Once I figure how to link to it in the side bar, then it will be available to read. It is too long to post.

It seems my study time style has completely changed since I was young. Used to be that I couldn’t concentrate unless had complete silence, which usually meant closing myself up in my room or my dad’s office with the computer. Now, I really don’t have that option and have learned to adjust. I am so used to being interrupted by this, that and the other by both my guys, that it no longer bothers me.

However, James is exactly like I was and can’t concentrate with anything else going on, so we usually wait until Father has left for work to do lessons.

We are winding up 1st grade this week and James will be moving forward as a 2nd grader when lessons start again in June. He actually has been doing 2nd grade work for quite a while now, plus reading way above that level, but we have finally finished the first grade stuff. We are taking the month of May to have some fun. I asked him how he wants to celebrate and he just wants a present. He is a very low key kid (like me) and doesn’t like people making a big deal out of stuff. So, I will be making a certificate to give him, along with a neat Lego set that he has been wanting.


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