Home school Update: Frogs and Godzilla

Ohayoo gozaimasu. Ogenki Desu Ka.

Godzilla has completed his metamorphosis into a frog. It has been so interesting watching the changes over the past couple weeks. We have watched as the back legs popped out and toes formed. A couple days later arms appeared, then the fingers a couple more days later. The stripes on his legs have darkened and spots are now beginning to appear on his back. This morning I discovered him out of the water. He has a little bit of a tail left, which will disappear soon as it is completely absorbed into his body.

Herbie has yet to do anything but grow. We can see the shadow of the leg beneath the surface of her/his skin and will pop out when ready. She has been quite active this morning and trying to jump out of the water. Trying to emulate Godzilla, perhaps.

They are both the same age, but definitely having completely different stages of development. It is remarkable that they mirror how children go through the same stages of development, but at different times. You can nurture and feed and train them, but you can’t force them to change. They will change or develop at their own rate and when ready.

James has expressed interest in learning Japanese (again). With James interest in Godzilla movies, it has lead to learning all about Japan. I got a packet from the U.S. Japanese embassy with all kinds of maps of different towns, plus a big map of Japan. The big map is currently on his bedroom wall and he studies it every night, telling me about the different cities. So, since he wants to learn Japanese and possibly go in the future, we just purchased the following books to help in that endeavor. Also Father is interested in learning as well, for business reasons.

Random House Japanese-English English-Japanese Dictionary

Let's Learn Japanese Picture Dictionary

Japanese Step by Step : An Innovative Approach to Speaking and Reading Japanese

and we have been reading about and discussing folktales in my Literature class, so I just had to throw in a book of Japanese Folktales.

It's Midterm time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fun of an online class is papers and discussions and whatnot are due by midnight on Sunday. However, we have until Monday 11:55 Eastern Time to complete the midterm. So for the rest of today and the weekend I will be working on my midterm. It is five essay questions covering the major ideas learned from Chapters One through Six.

So I am off to write (amid the distractions of James trying to tell me stories and read Magic Tree House books aloud to me). Me thinks he will be getting more than his allotted computer time for the next couple days. I sure he won't complain. He has recently become bored with his train simulation game and is trying his hand with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. He finally decided to quite crashing the planes and learn how to actually fly and land.

I am off to write. Sayonara!!!!!!!!!!

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