Homeschool Science Project: Crickets

Yes, crickets. Little did I realize when James decided he wanted planet frog what we would have to feed these guys. So we went to pet smart Saturday to look for crickets to feed Godzilla. They had containers of small, medium and large crickets. I couldn't bring myself to buy live crickets for some reason. Thought we would try the dead cricket in a can method first, since the froggies haven't been exposed to live food yet. No good! So as I peruse the internet, what do I find. Cricket farms. You can actually get a subscription and they will send you a certain number and size of crickets each month.

Okie dokie.. then what? How do we house them? Oh hey - a cricket keeper! What do you know..............

Looks like we are now getting into the cricket keeping business. Yeehaw!!!!!!!!

I am sending James and Father off to the store today for live crickets. Hope they have fun!



  1. Robin...when I was in the 7th and 8th grade I used to raise frogs. I would get the egg strings out of a pond in the nearby forest preserve and put them in fish bowls. Sometimes I would see tadpoles of a different type of frog and bring them home. I used to make my own exhibits out of apple crates. I used my mother's pie pans for the small ponds. I planted grass in all of them and built caves etc for the frogs. Guess whet I fed the frogs because we didn't have crickets???? I used to make small balls with hamburger patties. I used some black thread and would just fly the little ball around over there head until they stuck out there tongue and grabbed the bait It was fun. Maybe you can teach James how to feed the frogs. If I think of any of the other things I did to feed them other than catching flies in a bottle, I'll let you know. Love your blog. Dad

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