James M's review of CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET (2023)


Welcome back, good movie lovers.

And today, we're looking at Chicken Run's sequel DAWN OF THE NUGGET, which you can view on Netflix, and dropped in December of 2023. So what is this film all about, especially after the first film was basically a parody of prison breakout/World War II POW camp escape films?

DAWN OF THE NUGGET is a spy genre parody, and it takes place in the 1960s, within the decade after the first movie. So let's get into the plot of this film, and I'll keep it as brief as possible.

Following their escape from Tweedy's farm in the first movie, Ginger and her crew have settled on a small island, and she's hooked up with Rocky. They have a baby named Molly, who decides to leave the island and explores the outside world, only to be captured and taken to a high-tech farm with mind-controlled chickens. Ginger and her group set off on a mission to rescue Molly along with the other chickens, and after infiltrating the facility, Ginger learns that the place is run by Doctor Fry and an old enemy in Mrs. Tweedy, remember her from the first film?

Yep, those doors didn't kill her when Mr. Tweedy pushed them. And since then, Mrs. Tweedy's pretty much ditched him for a scientist. As for where Mr. Tweedy went off to in the years since the first film, we have no idea. But long story short, Ginger saves Molly and Mrs. Tweedy is defeated again... until Dreamworks decides to do a third film and bring her back for the second time. The film ends with Ginger embarking on a mission to save more chickens from other farms holding them captive.

The cast for the film is somewhat different compared to the first film. Ginger's OG voice actress didn't come back, and they brought in Thandie Newton instead of Julia Sawalha. Rocky Rhodes is voiced by Zachary Levi, who has played Shazam in the DCEU, and Mel Gibson wasn't brought back for... reasons. Fowler's OG voice actor, Benjamin Whtrow, died years before production began, and Dreamworks' new pick for Fowler's voice is the wonderful David Bradley, who's played Filtch in Harry Potter and the First Doctor in certain episodes of Doctor Who's modern revival.

Some of the voice actors from the first film do return, however, and they got Miranda Richardson to voice Mrs. Tweedy, and she isn't too bad. She does a real convincing job, especially since Mrs. Tweedy's somewhat changed since the first film, and you can somewhat tell what is going through her mind after her last defeat. She wants revenue... Actually, she wants revenge, the top motivation for Mrs. Tweedy in her second outing.

People don't seem to think highly of this film, but I say it's not too bad, and it was quite fun seeing. As for if a third film can happen, who knows if it will, but I don't have anything to complain about. You could say Mrs. Tweedy was a highlight since she was almost a bigger threat than in the first film (even though she was still a threat there), and she did not dismiss what Ginger was capable of, and she's come a long way from that attitude of "Apart from you, they're the most stupid creatures on this planet. They don't plot! They don't scheme! AND THEY ARE NOT ORGANIZED!"

Should I recommend this movie?

Go ahead and view it. I say it's worth an 8.5/10 stars. And just like that, I'll see you later!

-James M

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