James M's review of IDW Sonic #63-64, the 900th Adventure and Amy's 30th Anniversary

I'M BACK! With a super review of the latest main IDW Sonic issues, the 900th special and Amy's 30th anniversary.

Starting with issues 63 and 64, all you need to know is that Mimic's infiltration of the Restoration as Duo has gone off almost without a hitch, but during a training mission, while Silver winds up in a life-threatening situation thanks to the shapeshifter, the time-traveling hedgehog sees Mimic flash his true eye color, then talks to Whisper about it, but their efforts to expose the sneaky traitor go awry with Silver pretty much booted from the Restoration. Meanwhile, Blaze is having a vacation on Sonic's world and hangs out with Sonic, then she meets up with Silver after she and Sonic visit a Sonic Unleashed location.

Hoping to the 900th Adventure, lets discuss what is going on, this special issue is a celebration of how there have been over 900 English Sonic comics (counting the late Archie Sonic series and its spin-offs) over three decades since the 1st Sonic game hit shelves. As for the plot of this, it involves a McGuffin we haven't seen in ages. Remember the Warp Topaz that Doctor Starline had until near the end of the Metal Virus arc? Its back and Sonic has to get rid of it before bad stuff happens. And since this is the 900th Sonic comic, you'd almost expect multiverse shenanigans with past Sonic comic characters returning. Nope, its all set within the world the comic takes place in. And by the way, one of the writers for the story is legendary Sonic The Comic writer Nigel Kitching. Yup! HE'S BACK! 

As for Amy's comic? This year marks 30 years since Sonic CD dropped and Amy made her appearance... in the games, she actually debuted in a Sonic manga before CD was made. And what does the special have in store for her, it's set in the Classic era and she has an adventure where she saves Sonic and some of his friends.

Both IDW Sonic comics have been quite alright, Ian Flynn, Evan Stanley and the other writers have done well and SEGA puts out real good Sonic content. The blue blur is truly back on top of the world with no signs of faltering again and I guess we have Sonic Team's heavy involvement with these projects, especially the comics, and the success of the Sonic movies to thank for that. 63 and 64 get solid scores of 8.9/10 and 9.5/10. Amy's issue gets a 9.9 and the 900th special... gets a 7. I don't hate it, but it was good and it could have been bigger, y'know.

See ya next time, folks.


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