James M's review of IDW Sonic issues 59 - 61



Finally, we're back in IDW Sonic territory, reviewing the last three issues in the "Urban Warfare" arc. And they are good, stunning art, fine writing from Evan Stanley, and epic action all around. And with great writing comes great characterization, Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the highlights as he is little less of what he was in his prior IDW Sonic appearances. 

And, oh man, when Eggman has the Shadow Androids come down, the ultimate life form does not hold back. 

And the conflict was up the wall, especially with the battle scenes and how things were playing out with Eggman's city using those fake Chaos Emeralds. And Tangle, Whisper and Lanolin were in trouble with the mad doctor using a machine to imprison them at one point. And during the final battle, Shadow the Hedgehog had a moment to shine as he used Chaos Control to warp away the fake emeralds while Eggman's city went down for good.

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics are on the mark, telling good stories and having supervision from the Japanese team doesn't hurt. The story has come a long way since it started five years ago and there is an upcoming story about Amy visiting Angel Island. 

Evan, you and Ian deserve a 9.5/10 for this arc. Thank you, IDW. See you next time, folks.

-James M

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