James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 53 and Scrapnik Island issue 1


Sorry about this, IDW Sonic fans, been a while since we last did a review of IDW Sonic comics. I'm back now, with a double review of both issue 53 of the main series and issue 1 of the new Scrapnik Island horror miniseries.

So, what's the story of both?

Issue 53 continues where the last ended with Surge confronting Eggman, she then leaves him be after a time, gets confronted by a hallucination of Doctor Starline and then has a rampage in the city while Sonic, Tails and Belle keep Kit occupied until Sonic goes to confront Surge, then Kit leaves Tails' place despite Belle's attempts to stop him with the former (Kit) unaware that Surge is still alive as he currently thinks she died. The comic is pretty decently done again, bravo to good old Evan Stanley as she knows how to write something so moving and dramatic. 9.5 out of 10. Whatever happens in the next issue, its gonna be insanely epic.

Now lets go over to Scrapnik Island.

Scrapnik Island is a horror anthology miniseries about Sonic and Tails fighting to survive on an island filled with old Badniks from their past and they must battle an old enemy: Mecha Knuckles, who was last seen in the GBA game Sonic Advance. The story is written by Daniel Barnes, who previously wrote a story about Omega and Gemerl battling it out in a story of the IDW Sonic 2022 annual. 

Issue one showcases the duo making an emergency landing on the island and discovering the ruins of the Death Egg, they're surrounded by Badniks and then run into an E series robot whom fans initially mistook for Gamma. But this is not Gamma, this robot is E-117 Sigma (who was previously mentioned in Archie Sonic somewhere, making him the latest Archie Sonic-made character to finally be utilized in the IDW series. So far, the series is promising and seeing new talent write IDW Sonic stories is a perfect way to balance out the old blood i.e. a longtime writer like Ian Flynn. Issue one gets a nine.

See you later, fans. Sorry if we were short, but I don't have that many thoughts...

-James M

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  1. Nice lead off issue for the latest IDW Sonic miniseries! Happy Halloween!


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