BW17: Sci Fi and Fantasy and History, oh my!


It's book week 17 in our 52 books quest and this week is all about the world of Larry Niven. He celebrates his 84th birthday on the 30th.  He's written over 400 stories since he published his first book in 1964, alone and in collaboration with Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes, and Gregory Benford.  I discovered Niven back in the 70's and enjoyed reading His Ringworld series, along with many of his other books, including The Mote in God's Eye.  He is currently working with Jerry Pournelle on Burning Mountain, the sequel to Burning City and Burning Tower.

“They do not use lasers, they do not use radio, they do not use hyperwave. What are they using for communication? Telepathy? Written messages? Big mirrors?"

 "Parrots," Louis suggested. He got up to join them at the door to the control room. "Huge parrots, specially bred for their oversized lungs. They're too big to fly. They just sit on hilltops and scream at each other.”  ~Larry Niven, Ringworld

Ring World and the Mote in God's Eye are buried somewhere in the garage and tempted as it may be to buy the ebook, I don't want to break my buying ban.  One of these days.....

I took a break from Middlemarch and The Way of the King to read Reliquary, #2 in the Relic series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Something or someone scary is living underground in the tunnels of New York and preying on the hidden homeless. Margo and the rest of the cast from the first book are back to resolve the mystery of the murders and if it’s related to the previous predator in the museum. Thrilling, chilling, and scary and full of twists you didn't see coming.

We watched The Batman with Robert Pattinson. Three hour movie full of twists and turns and drama. So very good. And I thought he couldn’t act. Because, you know, Twilight. I was wrong.

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