BW4: Mixing science fiction with historical fiction


Happy Sunday! It is book week 4 in our 52 books quest and I finished Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall which was an awesome read.  Reviewed it down below.  I probably should have taken a breath from historical fiction because my last two shorter historical fiction reads have been less than stellar and I think it's because Wolf Hall was so well written, complex and dense, they couldn't live up to her standard. I'll have to remember that in the future.

Still reading alphabetically from my own shelves and it’s so much fun. Like shopping without spending any money.  Hee hee! Takes all the guess work out of it, makes decision easy and helping me read all those dusty books.  Started to include alphabet by author.  Averaging two books a week and avoiding reading ebooks on my ipad for now, until I clear a few books from the shelves.   I'm beginning to see a pattern - Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. 

So far for ABC by Title:

A - All Shall Be Well (#2 Kincaid and Duncan) by Deborah Crombie (Police Procedural)

B - Three Body Problem - Cixin Liu (Science Fiction) 

C - Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay - Michael Chabon (Historical Fiction)

D - Devlin Diary #2 Clair Duncan - Christie Phillips (HF murder mystery)

E - Eternal - Lisa Scottoline (HF Italy)

Read my first ABC by Author:

A - Adam ChristopherMade to Kill (Science Fiction, Robot noir)

Dipping into another science fiction time traveling book. The 2nd book in the Young Adult Passenger series - Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken (B by author) 

Coming up next are Umberto Eco's Faucault's Pendulum, Shion Miura Great Passages, and non fiction sip read is George Saunders A Swim in a Pond in the Rain which is a version of his MFA Master Class in Russian short stories. 

Have reviewed every book I've read so far and hope to keep that up throughout the year. Trying to read more slowly and still averaging two books a week. 

Writing wise, I've been doing morning pages pretty consistently and currently up to the letter K in my ABC Stories and having fun doing so.  Also posting two to three times a week. James is a prolific writer and has reviews already written and schedule to post throughout the month of February.  I've made minor progress with Red Thief and realized I have to figure out a way to balance my time between blogging and story writing. Fine tuning will take a while. 

James started his first English class with the local community college and it's 100 percent online. It's kind of like our homeschool days, only college level and we're  reading all the material together, discussing, and providing whatever assistance he needs. So far, so good, and he's enjoying it. 

Have a grand week! 

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