Bookish notes: Fictional history and science and life, oh my!


The third time's the charm once again.  I started my B book - The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin and finally made it past the first chapter. Once I did, the second chapter hooked me. So far I have received a crash course in the Chinese cultural revolution, physics, and the politics and alienation of the sciences, and the race to contact aliens. It's bizarre yet fascinating. 

Almost half way through Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall which continues to be a complex, but entertaining read. Enjoying my front row seat into the life and times of Cromwell and his interactions with both friend and foe. 

I've given up listening to Tom Hanks Uncommon Type. Why didn't I finish?  Well, the first story was cute but couldn't stand that the guy had no backbone and the woman was too bossy and unsympathetic.  Continued with the second which was a charming story about Christmas until the character brought up the horrors of war which become depressing very quickly. With my vivid imagination, I had to fast forward  through most of it. With the third the character's voice was way too abrasive and so I was done. I wanted to like it because I like Hanks but unfortunately it's just not for me.

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