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Did you know this week is National Letter Writing week which means it's time to grab some paper and a pen or pencil, not the keyboard, and write a letter to a  significant other, family member, friend, long lost relative or even an author to thank them. 

I was eating my dinner at work yesterday, browsing the internet and fell into this article on Dame - Have We Forgotten How to Read CriticallyI was reminded of a conversation I had with my son recently about authors, video games writers, comic book writers and how once something is published, that isn't the time to argue with them about how it's written and how you think it should be changed.  Lot of conversations online these days from Authors I follow who have people emailing them, questioning their choices, their writing. Then you have the ones who don't understand or want to cancel all the dead authors because the language may be discomforting.  Okay, getting off my soap box. All this to say it is an interesting, thoughtful article. 

Another one I enjoyed:  A Year in Reading the Backlist

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans are Reading Ebooks.  As one of those who has discovered I've been reading more ebooks (because they are so easy to get) over the wonderful chunky and dusty physical books on my shelves,  I have yet to start an ebook this year.  I know we're only a week in, but I find myself wanting that tactical experience, relaxing with a real book and absorbing the story. I'm enjoying not having the urge to flip over to the news or email or anything else.  Even though our 52 Books Books about Books Bookology author of the month is Shion Miura and the highlighted read is The Great Passage, which have on my virtual nightstand, along with many other books, I think I'll stick with my dusty books for a while. 

I started another dusty book Sunday night --- Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.  At this point, I've read enough history as well as historical fiction novels, that I'm familiar with the subject matter and enjoying all the more because of it.  Timing, I guess, is everything. 

James and I finished listening to the audible book Ghostbusters one and two they were quite entertaining. 

I'm still enjoying my sip read of Wolf Hall.  

We watched Gemini Man with Will Smith which was very exciting. 

This week is all about finishing quarterly taxes for the shop and annual income taxes so we can refinance our SBA Loan on the business property. So many numbers, so much fun..... 


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