More books for the tbr stacks


My friends have talked about the Expanse series so much I finally had to check it out.   Added Leviathan Wakes to my virtual stacks along with several other books in including Jo Walton's Among Others, Ann Perry's Face of a Stranger, and Willo Davis Roberts Girl with the Silver Eyes.  A bunch more dragon and bookshop books. I see some themes evolving.  I think I'm done buying books for the time being and will wait to see what my guys get me for my birthday and Christmas.   The poor dears had to force themselves to go the store today because they missed the time window for Amazon to get here by Sunday, even though I gave them plenty of warning.  It'll be a total surprise since neither one has any idea what to get and hubby always looks for the fattest book possible.  😁

Finished When Sorrow Comes and happy that October and Tybalt finally managed to get married. 

Gave up on 42nd Street Library for the moment, just couldn't get into his writing.

Philippa Gregory's Wise Woman has captured my attention so far.  

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