BW45: Sunday's Book Babble - Time for our Fictional Librarian of the Month


It's book week 45 in our 52 books quest and highlighting the fictional librarian of the month. I'm in a bit of a flounder with books right now and need to sit and contemplate my shelves and figure out what I'm really in the mood for, besides rereading Nora.     

In my ongoing Nora Robert’s Reread,  currently on The Calhouns two book saga of sisters trying to save their ancestral home in Bar Harbor, Maine which coincidently is where my mother was raised.   

Murder at the 42nd Street Library is waiting in the wings. 

Reading Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet and loving it so far.  Love this bit of advice - don’t look out side for validation, look for it inside yourself.

We saw Free Guy which was a fun movie to watch and put both James and I in the mood to watch Detective Pikachu again. 

Watched the new Dune Trailer. I read Dune years and years ago and will probably read again with James at some point.   I liked the movie version with Kyle Mclaughlin since it covered the whole movie. I heard the current Dune only covers the first half of the book and they will release the sequel with the remainder in 2023.  And if I remember the story correctly, splitting it in two that way wouldn't have made sense to someone who has already read the book.  James will be too excited to wait when it comes out in DVD, but since he hasn't read the book yet, won't make much difference.   

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