Bookish Notes and Links - Preparations for Harry Potter Anniversary next year


Procrastinating web wonderings this morning:

Ursula Le Guin has jumped into the awards game with Prize for a single work of Imaginative Fiction.   

I love doorstoppers:   Rhythm of War & Other Best Fantasy Doorstoppers.  Now that I've finished Wheel of Time, dipping into the Stormlight Archive with Way of the Kings.

Off the Shelf's ebook roundup: November eBook Deals: 10 Magnificent Reads for Your Digital Library

2022 is Harry Potter's 25th anniversary. James has a reread and movie rewatch in store for us. Bloomsbury unveils big plans for 25th anniversary of first Harry Potter book

Tom Hanks likes manual typewriters and wrote a book: Uncommon Type: Some Stories  and hails Edinburgh bookshop owner as his hero.   Brings back memories of learning to type on my dad's old manual. 


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