Pay attention to your hunches. You just might be right.


Grandpa and grandmom decided to stop for a visit on their way through town. The plan - meet them at the hotel, have dinner, talk.  Howdy! Well, my gut feeling, intuition, whatever it's called was spot on.  So happy I decided we needed to get the house guest visit clean.  We arrived at the Hotel to pick them up and discovered the restaurant was indeed closed to service.   We took them over to see the new office building since they hadn't seen it since it was finished, then came back to the house and had a BBQ. Hubby took them out for breakfast the next morning before they went up to the hill to have a relaxing scenic vacation before grandmom gets a hip replacement in a couple weeks. Great visit, albeit too short and it was really nice to see them and get to hug family again.

Book wise, I dove back into the world of The Invisible Library with # 6 The Secret Chapter in which Irene and Kai are thrown from the frying pan into the fire again with chaos, deceit, blackmail, etc.  Fun read. 

Next up, Nora Robert's newest romantic suspense novel,  The Legacy,  which was released today.  Thank you UPS!  


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