BW21: Sunday's Book Babble - World Turtle Day


Courtesy of Troy Mayne

Today is World Turtle Day.  Did you know that all tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises?  What's the difference?  So glad you asked. The key difference is where they live: Tortoises are exclusively land creatures, while turtles live in the water or at least spend most of the time in the water.  Physically their shells, legs, and feet are difference and turtles stay away from water unless they are drinking or bathing because they can't swim.  

I finished Elizabeth Hunter’s four book Elemental Mystery series with our Librarian of the month Beatrice De Nova. She has various spin offs with different characters including Ben and Tenzin in the Elemental Legacy series and I have Midnight Labyrinth in my stacks. Will get back to them soon.  I also finished Karen Hawkins the Book Charmer which was very charming as well as emotional story with magical realism about books, friendship, grief, and finding your way through the world.

Meanwhile I’ve gone back to book monogamy because I don’t have the brain space to split my time between more than one, while making progress with my current wip.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like progress when I revisit the same scenes over and over again until I’m satisfied, but it is progress none the less.  Slow and steady wins the race, right!

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