BW16: Sunday's Book Babble -- National Poetry Month


It's book week 16 in our 52 Books quest and April is National Poetry Month.  Time to build a rhyme.  Use a letter, use a vowel, write an ode to a towel, or write rhapsodies about an owl. From blank verse to free verse, from haiku to dodoitsu, from nonet to sonnets, from the abstract to the sublime, be it weighty or flighty, anyone can do it, if you dare write a line.     


Ode to C

 Big C 
Little C
What Begins with C
Thanks to Dr. Seuss
We won't end up in a Tree

 Calliopes and carousels
chugging, chanting, caroling. 
Circling without a care. 

 Courteous citizens
develop the knack,
Reaching, stretching.
Fingers to snatch
That colorful, oval,
 brass ring.



 As the son walked in the sun, he couldn’t decide if he was right to write about the tale of the tail.  Who would believe it would affect him so and change the effect of the rain when he decided to reign? Nobody told him to fold his cards or fold his clothes.  He preferred to bail out the boat rather than to bail out his brother. She preferred to count out her cents and ignore all common sense while the scent of the horse made him hoarse. The whole time he dug the hole, she was at the inn, jammed in the door jamb. The knight came in the night to pick up the male only to discover it was only mail.  Who was she to meddle with the medal and allowed him to speak aloud?  He was awed even though she was odd, when she offered him cash and instead handed him her cache of keys.  The boy was rather coarse when he showed him the course.   


Okay your turn.  Are you drawing a blank? Sit with paper and pen and don't think, just write, let your brain play and see what you have to say.   If I can do it, so can you. 



 What do you see
When you draw a blank?
Letters, foggy and fuzzy
 Roam and flee.

 Words, simple.
Yet not.

Like butterflies about to land.
Do you catch them or wait?
As they sit on the tip of your tongue.
or the back of your hand.

 Rhythm and rhyme,
Let it be.
Make you see.
Take your time. 

 Words, simple.
Yet not.

 Pens bleed
Across the page.
Strokes and symbols
Take on need.

 Blank and blind
Thoughts and letters,
Illuminate and illustrate
What comes to mind.

 Words, simple.
Yet not.


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