BW14: Sunday's Book Babble - Fictional librarian of the month is Irene Winters

 It's week 14 in our 52 Books Quest and this month's fictional librarian is Irene Winters from Genevieve Cogman's Invisible Library series. 

I'm in a flufferton state of mind and thoroughly enamored with Julia Quinn's  Bridgertons.  I currently on #6 When He Was Wicked

I haven't been able to get into my space opera Ancestral Night so will set it aside until I'm, Ahem, in a sci fi state of mind.  * Grin * 

The poor Count is also idle but I hope to get back to him soon.   Meanwhile he has the Abbe to keep him company.  

I have The Plot Hole, # 4 in the Invisible Library series waiting in the wings and #5 Mortal Word on my shelves as well.  Irene is a wonderful character and enjoyed the first three books. 

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