BW8: Sunday's Book Babble - Bridge to Nowhere


It's week 8 in our 52 Books Quest Did you know Monday is Walk your Dog day, National Margarita day, and International Thinking day? So make a pitcher of margaritas, take a walk with your fur baby, and ponder life, the universe and everything.  Oh, and please share your favorite margarita recipes.  Don’t forget to buy some Girl Scout Cookies since thinking day was created in 1926 during the fourth Girl Guide/Girl Scout International Conference Plus. Plus the 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale day so read a fairy tale or make up one of your own.  Which I have done: 

 Bridge to Nowhere


Robin M. 

 On a bridge to Nowhere
To see No One
Who could be Anyone,
Who has traveled,
Happy and safe,
Everywhere and somewhere.
Music leads Them
From near to far
Across the bridge
to Nowhere.
The sky is full of light
Sparkling and clear.
The air is full of love,
Plenty and dear.
There, They sing
And dance and play,
Making up lines
And have plenty to say.
Past the bridge that Leads
to Nowhere.
They live to the rhythm
Of bass, cymbals, and drums
And maybe
A horn or flute or two.
Feet stamp, hands clap
And hips sway
To the beat
Of the drum.
Who laughs, What sings
And Baby laughs with joy.
And all the voices ring,
Welcome to Nowhere.


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