Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic Bad Guys Issue 4


Merry Christmas, everyone. Here's a gift for you, THE FINALE OF IDW SONIC BAD GUYS THE MINISERIES! Ian Flynn went all out with this one, this was solidly written. We had EGGMAN VS ZAVOK and Starline escaping, plus, he's gone from being someone who wants to be back on Eggman's good side to being someone who wants to conquer the world and oust the Eggman.

Who saw that coming? I DIDN'T!

Looks like Starline is officially an independent villain, we will see him later in the main IDW Sonic series. As for Mimic, he'll be back at some point, so will Rough and Tumble. As for Zavok, oh boy, looks like Sonic and friends will have their hands full when they have to contend with him and his pack again in the future, probably during 2021. *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

Ian Flynn did it again with noooooo SEGA mandates holding him back, he delivered perfection, total awesomeness and a superb and masterful story worthy of Sonic.

I look forward to eventually seeing Eggman and Starline coming into conflict with each other, duking it out to see who is supreme.

See ya later. 10/10, Ian Flynn! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

-James M

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  1. Nice ending to the second IDW Sonic miniseries. Next in 2021: A Classic Sonic miniseries (Will it include the IDW return of Sally Acorn and her Freedom Fighter partners?)


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