Guest Post -James M's Review of IDW Sonic Issue 35 (*MASSIVE SPOILERS*)

Hey folks, sorry I took so long, but I'm here to review this awesome issue.

So what happens here?

Big news folks, THE MYSTERY FIGURE IS DOCTOR STARLINE! Yup, Doctor Starline's involved. Who could've seen that coming? Well some folks did, I wasn't sure and I didn't pay much attention. So, what do I think of this issue? Its real good, has lots of awesome action scenes, a fine intro, good character moments and Shadow is well written for the most part.

Yes, I think Shadow is being well written right now under Evan (not saying Ian was crap), its clear that SEGA's loosened up and its a sign they'll drop the strict mandates they've imposed on him. As for Starline, it almost makes sense for the most part since this arc is coming out at the same time the Bad Guys miniseries is coming out. Issue 4 of it will soon drop along with IDW Sonic #36.

Even under a different writer, the Sonic comics are just as great as ever. Evan really knows how to write as much as Ian does, even folks like Ken Penders or Karl Bollers knew how to write IMHO for the most part but thats a different story. Either way, the issue's a fun ride from start to finish.

I look forward to the next issue. Year 3 of IDW Sonic's almost over and I look forward to year 4 during Sonic's 30th Anniversary.

My score for this is a 10/10, solid arc finale set up. My apologies if I'm not summarizing the whole thing or giving a whole ton of thoughts, but a lot is happening.

Anyways, see you later, folks!

-James M

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  1. So this IDW Sonic arc is at the same time as the BAD GUYS miniseries?


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