Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic Bad Guys Issue 2


Welcome back, IDW Sonic fans. BAD GUYS issue 2 is here and you know what that means.


Where we last left off in issue one, Doctor Starline busted Mimic the Octopus, Rough and Tumble and Zavok out of jail and they got out of there in one almost iconic jail break sequence. Now, its time to see where they're going in this one.

Its simple, Doc Starline and his team attack an Eggman base and they do some damage. In fact, they also try to make it look as if Sonic attacked the base. Very cleaver, I bet Eggman's gonna buy that and, er, he almost does but he sees through the flaws and quickly figures out that somebody else is to blame even though he has yet to know who it was.

My thoughts on the issue?

Well, it was great, Ian Flynn did a masterful job like he always does. He went all out with no SEGA mandates holding him back, Ian always tries to go all out with his storytelling despite being held back most of the time by stuff behind the scenes. Nothing to worry about.

Halfway through this epic miniseries, I am enjoying this ride.


Lets hope the Sonic comics get more cooler during Sonic's 30th anniversary in 2021.

I give this issue an 8/10.

Sorry if the review was short, but I don't have a whole load of thoughts. See you later, ya'll.

-James M

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