January and February Reading Wrap Up!

A bookworm leads a thousand lives 

I totally forgot to do a wrap up for January so combining with February.   I've done really well with my buying ban and reading from my shelves, considering that our shop is only five minutes away from Barnes and Noble.  The temptation to go buy a latte and spend my lunch time in the bookstore has been great, but I've been good so far.  

I did buy one book but that was because the grocery store check out line was hecka long  so I went to look at the books and ended up getting Karen Robard's Fifth Doctrine.   It's all their fault *grin* 

Stats wise, I read more female authors (16) versus male authors (5) and managed to clear a few dusty books from my shelves.  I read 11 physical books versus 14 e books so my ratio of e books is still way too high.  

Cat O Nine Tales - Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock)
Junkyard Cats - Faith Hunter (futuristic)

Dragons and other fantastical creatures
The Burning Page - Genevieve Cogman (#3 Invisible Library, 368, Dusty)
Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison (#1 Elder Races, 338, e)(Gift, Ntma)
The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien (288, dusty)

Iron and Magic - Ilona Andrews (#1 Iron Covenant, 394, e, dusty)
Knife of Dreams - Robert Jordan (#11 WOT, 880, dusty)
The Unkindest Tide - Seanan McGuire (#13 October Daye, 366e, ms)

Feed My Muse
Reading Like a Writer - Francine Prose (Dusty, 273)

Ladies of Fiction
Kitchen/Midnight Shadow - Banana Yoshimito (Japan, 177e)(Ntma)
The Crystal Cave - Mary Stewart (# 1 Arthurian Saga, Historical Fantasy, dusty, 288)

Love and Mystery
Brewed Awakening - Cleo Coyle (#18 Coffee House, e, ms)
The Bookshop of Yesterday - Amy Meyerson (384, Dusty, Ntma)
Golden in Death - J.D.Robb (#50 In Death, 400, new release preorder)

The Fifth Doctrine - Karen Robards (#3 Guardians, thriller, 406)(New/Ntma)
Long Road to Mercy - David Baldacci (#1 Atlee Pine, Thriller, 417 e, dusty)
Silent Blade - Illona Andrews (World of Kinsman, Fantasy, 64e, dusty)

Non Fiction
Girl with Seven Names - Hyeonseo Lee (N/S Korea, 322e) (Dusty, Ntma)
When Books Went to War - Molly Manning (history, 288) (Dusty, Ntma)
It's All Relative - A.J. Jacobs (352, dusty)

Science Fiction
Dark Horse - Michelle Diener (2) (#1 Class 5, 380e) (KU - Ntma)
Dark Deeds - Michelle Diener (#2 Class 5, 360, e)
Dark Minds - Michelle Diener (#3 Class 5, 286, e)
Dark Matters - Michelle Diener (#4 Class 5, 321, e)
Son of Heaven - David Wingrove (#1 Chung Kuo, England/China, 449 e)(Dusty, Ntma)


Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare (#1 Infernal Devices, Steampunk, 497,e, dusty)

MS - My shelves purchased prior to 2020
Dusty - on both virtual and physical shelves for a while
KU - Kindle unlimited freebie book
Ntma = new to me author

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