Writing deliberately with Passion, Purpose, and Practice

Hello 2020! A new decade, depending on which calendar you are following, has started and along with it, I turned 60 a couple months ago. Since I have entered a new decade in my life, I've decided it's time to start anew. A fresh start without guilt or judgement. It's time to concentrate on my writing and really make it part of me rather than leave it behind. 

 I haven't written anything new in months. This year I did finish typing up a rough draft of a story I wrote a few years back, but it has lots of holes and little emotion. I edited, reread, edited again and failed to make progress. I started reading James Scott Bell's Just Write and as always, I had an epiphany. I should have been revising and rewriting instead of editing.

I let the stress and busyness of life pull me away. Hubby, son, cats, books, the business and the internet as well, pulled at me and I gave up, filled my mind with other authors writing. They go where I fear to tread. I let doubt creep in and the interruptions stop me, and stress, as always, create a brick wall. Conflict added another layer, grief a third. Instead of passion and perseverance, inertia ruled the day. Writing is one of my loves. Do I treat love so shabbily, taking people for granted, assuming they will always be around when I call. We all have busy lives. We touch base, before we go back to our normal.

I'll admit to being self centered, totally wrapped up in our life. The construction project from heck took up all my bandwidth. Time, money, effort. There are only so many things I can handle at once. Immersed in the day to day, first home school, then the business. The time spent was all to our benefit, God providing every step of the way.

I once compared writing to a river with the ebb and flow of the tides, the rush of white water, the calm of the pond. My river has grown stagnant because I limited myself and failed to nurture my creativity, ignored my life, the poetry, the non fiction, the fiction. I simply refused to move forward or look inside myself, pulled from the depths of my soul.

I'm ready to immerse myself in creativity and more than ready to dive back into the river, let the current take me away and fill me with words, the imaginary lives of characters, conundrums, and conflicts. I miss getting lost in my head.The universe or synchronicity, call it what you will, has been nudging me lately to write and for the past couple weeks, I've managed to plant my butt in the chair and write on a regular basis. Not anything of substance really, but forming the habit once again with daily free writing, whether it be morning pages, journal or dabbling with poetry.

It generally takes two weeks to form a habit, but 10,000 hours to become proficient. However,it depends on how you use those hours rather than just putting in the hours. Evidently I've wasted a few hours, so am going to work on deliberate practice while taking the time to study the areas I'm weak in.

With passion, purpose, and practice, I aim to be more productive this year and be the writer I want to be. Let's add positivity and perseverance to the mix as well. No whining, moaning, or complaining,  just hard work and elbow grease. I'll post my goals for this quarter soon.

James has been guest posting, keeping My Two Blessings from going completely dark, which I greatly appreciate. My blog is turning into a teenager and will be thirteen years old this year. Hope it doesn't suffer from teenage angst. *grin*

Happy writing!

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