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Hey there people, today we're taking a look at the movie people waited 14 years for, the long-awaited, super epic... INCREDIBLES 2!
Released June 15, 2018, Incredibles 2 was a big success among fans of the first movie and is well regarded as an all-time favorite in the eyes of some. This also comes at a time when Superhero movies are still popular and the Superhero Craze is still going in as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe have achieved massive popularity.
So whats the plot of the movie?


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The movie picks up right where the events of the first movie left off... with The Incredibles dealing with The Underminer, who burst up from the ground and wants to wreak havoc. "BEHOLD THE UNDERMINER!" He shouts, "I AM BENEATH YOU AND NOTHING IS BENEATH ME! SOON ALL WILL BOW BEFORE ME!" Sorry, I shortened his speech, but still, I already did it in my review of the first movie.
Bob, Helen and the kids all suit up like in the first movie and they go after the Underminer. Well, its mostly Bob, Helen, and Dash. Violet is left behind to take care of Jack-Jack, who actually has superpowers which he revealed at the end of the first film. Violet is frustrated and she ends up bumping into her boyfriend Tony, who asked her out near the end of the first and is in shock to see her in superhero attire to a point where he runs away.

The battle with the Underminer and his drill is almost what anybody would expect: Mr. Incredible and his wife pursue him, Underminer wrecks everything, Mr. Incredible tries to stop him while Elastagirl and Dash try to save as many people as possible. However, despite their best efforts to defeat this guy, The Underminer actually escapes, leaving his unmanned drill to decimate almost everything in the city. Frozone gets involves with trying to stop the drill. In the end, our heroes stop the drill but at a price, most of the city got ruined and Town Hall nearly got destroyed.

To make matters worse, the cops take the supers into custody and people boo them. Oh yeah, remember at the end of the first movie when Mr. Incredible and his family beat Syndrome's Omnidroid and people commended them and it looked like supers were legal again? Well, it turns out... SUPERS ARE STILL ILLEGAL! Well, that ruins the ending of The Incredibles. F**k! Anyway, Mr. Dicker, who's voiced by a different actor since Bud Luckey (his old voice actor) passed away, manages to get the superfamily out of their little predicament with the authorities and relocates them to a motel where they'll be staying for quite a while.

Good news? The Incredibles still have allies! The bad news. The Incredibles' failure to capture The Underminer and prevent any damage has caused the government to shut down the Superhero Relocation Program. Uh-oh. "It's been an honor to work with you, good people," Dicker says before Bob and Helen thank him for everything and the ex-agent drives off. That night, after dinner, Bob and Helen talk by the motel swimming pool about what to do with their lives and Bob does mention getting a new job. Remember people, in the last film, he used to work at an insurance company after retiring from superhero duty for a time and got fired by his aggravating boss Mr. Humph.

Frozone/Lucias, who actually got away with help from a guy near the end of the battle with Underminer and wasn't captured by the authorities, shows up to tell Bob and Helen about a guy who's pro-superhero and that he wants to meet with them. After Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl dress up in their old superhero outfits from the old days, they join Frozone on a trip to a huge building where the legit pro-superhero guy is waiting for him. Meet Winston Deavor, he's a huge fan of superheroes and wants to make them legal again. His assistant is his sister Evalyn Deavor. Evalyn Deavor? Oh boy, to give something away a bit early, Evalyn is the main antagonist of the movie hidden in plain sight.

Anyways, Mr. Deavor has a candidate for the make supers legal again campaign and the best pick is basically Elastagirl herself. As for Mr. Incredible and the kids, they'll be on the sidelines at a new home, which was set up by Winston himself. Elastagirl's first mission is to save a train, which is a big success. But then, things start to slowly go dark and south when a new villain known as the Screenslaver appears and starts to stirr-up trouble. Elastagirl goes to confront him and after a lengthy battle, she defeats and takes him into custody. Back home, Bob learns that Jack-Jack has superpowers and Edna Mode from the first movie gets involved with making super suits for the baby. Frozone shows up too and they spend most of the day trying to take care of Jack-Jack.

On Elastagirl's side of things, Evalyn reveals her true colors and takes her hostage, even making her a hypnotized servant. What's her plan? Make supers permanently illegal. Aw crud! She lures Mr. Incredible into a trap along with Frozone using some new superheroes who were in hiding for years. The day of the Legal Supers Act arrives and Winston is with everyone on his ship. After the signing of a paper, Evalyn launches her plan and has the supers say this into the camera...
"Years of mandated silence have made us bitter, we will no longer serve you."

Jack-Jack, Violet, and Dash get on board the ship using Mr. Incredible's old car and their stealthy abilities. After fighting their way through mind-controlled supers, they manage to free their parents and the final battle against Evalyn begins, the stakes are high as the yacht is going to crash into the mainland and cause damage. However, the supers defeat Evalyn in the end and stop the boat from wrecking everything, saving many lives in the process and making up for not fully defeating The Underminer way earlier in the movie. As a reward for saving the day, the supers are made legal again.

Violet goes out with Tony, who briefly lost his memory, to the movies before Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Jack-Jack and Dash have to go stop some bad guys and the movie ends with the supers going after the bad guys and everything ok.

Final thoughts/Conclusion:
Incredibles 2 is an amazing action movie and an epic continuation of the first movie, it is also worth your time. It gets a 10 for the flawless incredible-ness that it delivers in almost two hours. It was amazing to have most of the original cast return to reprise their roles and the newcomers are spot on.
With that, I happily close out the review.
-James M

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